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File Entry Dialog

Figure 1. File Entry Dialog
Figure 1. File Entry Dialog

The File Entry Dialog ( Figure 1) allows you to enter a File Path, Web Link, or Network Link in the formats listed below.

File Entry Dialog toolbar buttons
  • Copy - Copies the selected text from the filename to the Windows clipboard.
  • Paste - Paste a filename from the Windows clipboard.
  • Select All - Selects all text in the filename textbox.
  • Reset - Resets the filename to the original text from when the dialog was opened.
  • Clear - Clears all text in filename textbox. Use the keyboard Delete key to delete only selected text.
  • Browse - Opens a folder browse dialog to select a file.
  • File Open - Opens the File with the app associated with the file extension type (set in Windows, may be an editor or viewer app). Example, if it is a text file, it may open in Notepad.

When OK is clicked, any illegal characters detected will force a 'Bad file path' warning. Example: an asterisk (*) is not allowed in filenames.

Methods to Copy File Path or Web Link

Link Accepted Syntax
Figure 2. Windows Explorer - Copy Path
Figure 2. Windows Explorer - Copy Path