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Remote Tools

About Remote Tools

These menu items allow you to send control commands to the current selected remote client. IPC must be started on Sound Mill AND on the target Remote Client for these features. Items that return a result will be logged in the IPC Log file. (Located under the Tools menu)

  • Select Target Remote Client - Pops up a selector to select the target Remote Client. All functions listed below will be targeted to the selected Remote Client.
  • Open Source List on Remote - These menu items will open the media list in the remote client. (Soundmill .SLT Sound List, or Videomill .MLT Media List).
    • Open by Filename (full path) - You can open a remote list by entering its full path (drive letter, folder, filename, ex. C:\Users\WinUserId1\Documents\Video Mill X3\EventMedia.slt ).
    • Open New List - Opens a new empty list on the Remote Client.
  • Get List Id from Remote Client - Returns the Id and Name of the current opened source media list file on the remote client. If the source file id does not match the Cuelist id, you will get a warning message. The warning indicates that the Cues may not work with the current source file.
  • Get Status from Remote Client - This retrieves the current status of the remote client including: Current opened media list, playing items, running scripts and scheduler status. See Listing 1 for an example of information returned.
  • Get Cuelist from Remote Client - Retrieves a Cuelist from the Remote Client with Names and Ids for Items and Scripts on the remote list. Pops up a viewer dialog with the contents. Useful for preparing/checking automation. Will return a "Cuelist is empty" message if there are no Items or Scripts in the remote list.
    • Include All Items - The returned Cuelist will include all list Items only.
    • Include All Scripts - The returned Cuelist will include all Scripts only.
    • Include All Items and Scripts - The returned Cuelist should include all Items and Scripts.
  • Scheduler on Remote Client - These menu items allow you to operate the scheduler on the remote client. Operations: Start, Stop, Pause, and Resume
  • All Media Remote Ops - These menu items perform operations on all playing media the remote client Operations: All Media Stop, All Media Pause, and All Media Resume. This includes media manually played from the list editor window, Scripts running in the Automator, and the Scheduler. (ie. Stop All, Pause All and Resume All)
  • Ping Remote Client - Pings the Remote Client to check if IPC is started.
    • When Connection Works - If IPC is working on the Remote Client, you should get a message similar to this: "IPC Receive: MSG : Ping Return by SoundMill".
    • When Connection Fails - If IPC is not started on the Remote Client or the connection has been stopped for some reason, you should get an error message similar to this: "Received Error on IPC Origin Listener: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host". If you get this message you will need to manually restart IPC on the Remote Client (an possibly on the Origin Client) to reestablish the connection.
Listing 1. Get Status from Remote Client STATUS
Video Mill X3 Status
List Name: Beatles-One
List Id: 496096464
Filename:    C:\Users\Lab1\Documents\Video Mill\Beatles-One.mlt
Items: 27
Scripts: 5
Playing Items:
Running Scripts:
Scripts currently running in the Automator.

[S2] Script: Play 5
Current Step: 3 of 5
Step Name: Play (Hey Jude)
Hey Jude, Id: 165953110, At 01:05, Length 07:03

Scheduler: Stopped

Remote Tools toolbar

See menu items above for functional descriptions.

  • Remote Tools toolbar - Buttons (from left to right): Select a Remote Client, Open MediaList on Remote by Filename, Get Remote List Id, Get Remote Status, Scheduler (pulldown menu items for Start, Stop, Pause, Resume), All Media Remote Ops (Stop, Pause, Resume), Ping Remote Client.
Remote Tools toolbar
Remote Tools toolbar