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Locator: Sound List Editor.

Classifiers group

Each Sound Item has the following LClassifiers attributes. Use of Classifiers is optional and can be ignored if are not interested in maintaining these fields.

  • Cue Number is the index position of the Sound Item in the entire Sound List and it changes as the list order changes..
  • Category - A Sound Item can be sorted on Category . Category is selected with the Category Selector button. Default categories are: Sound-Cue, Music and Announcement but you can customize your own categories in the Options -- General dialog..
  • Group Hierarchy: Act, Scene, Page - The Group Hierarchy provides a way to group Sound Items logically into a 3 level hierarchy for sorting. The Theater Hierarchy theme, "Act", "Scene", "Page", is an obvious example. See the Options -- General dialog for picking another theme or creating a custom theme. Numeric values (ie. 1,2,3 etc.) work best for sorting, but you can use letters as well (ie A, B, C, etc). Note that roman numerals do not sort well. When creating new Sound Items, these values will be set from the current default attributes. These values are also included in the reports if requested in the Options -- Reports dialog. The group hierarchy is left to right (higher to lower).
Figure 1.  Sound Item Attributes
Figure 1. Sound Item Attributes