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Sound List Editor - Organization

Sound List Editor - Main Controls

    The Sound List Editor and Play Controls (see Figure 1.) consists of the following control sections. Each section can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the section header bar.

  • Main menu - Program menu controls. [at top of program window]
  • File tool bar - Program file operations.
  • Edit tool bar - Sound List cut, copy, paste etc.
  • Play Controls tool bar - Sound List global controls that affect play behavior.
  • Find tool bar - Find text operations and reports.
  • Play tool bar - Sound List play, stop etc.
  • Editors tool bar - Quick access to Automator and Easy Player editors.
  • Sound Items panel - The list of Sound Items. [left side of program window]
  • Status bar - Program status and error messages and time of day clock. [at bottom of program window]

Sound Item Attributes Groups

    Each Sound Item has its own set of attributes grouped into the following categories. When you select a Sound Item in the Sound List panel, its attributes appear in the Sound Item Attributes edit panel [right side of program window].

  • Play Progressgroup, PPlay Position - Displays the current play position during playback. Play markers below the progress bar indication point for play begin/end and fade in/fade out. ( Figure 1.)
  • Play Markers group, KStart, End and Fade Markers - Allows setting play markers ( begin/ end and fade in / fade out). ( Figure 2.)
  • Play Controls group, CPlay Controls - controls the start and stop of sound play. ( Figure 1.)
  • Descriptors group, DDescriptors - attributes describing the sound play behavior. ( Figure 3.)
  • Play Modifiers group, MPlay Modifiers - attributes that modify how a sound is played. ( Figure 3.)
  • Classifiers group, LClassifiers - attributes used to categorize and map the location of the sound cue in the production Script. ( Figure 3.)
Figure 1.  Sound List Editor and Play Controls
Figure 1. Sound List Editor and Play Controls

Figure 2.  Edit panel for Start, End and Fade Markers
Figure 2. Edit panel for Start, End and Fade Markers

Figure 3.  Sound Item Attributes
Figure 3. Sound Item Attributes