Product icon Help book icon Sound Mill X3 : User's Guide

Installation, Setup and Activation

Try before you buy

We recommend that you install and try the product in trial mode before ordering. This will help you decide if the product meets your expectations. Trial mode does not timeout. Some program function is disabled in trial mode, but you will get the general feel of the program. You will not have to reinstall, if you decide to purchase -- just enter your order activation code and you will have access to the full function.

Before you install

Pre-requisites: Make sure you have the minimum configuration (see program prerequistes). If you do not have the correct level of the .Net Framework, Sound Mill will likely not start.

Step 1. Download/install the program

If you are upgrading from a previous release, you MUST manually uninstall the previous release from the Windows Control Panel -- Add or Remove Programs before installing a new release. (see instructions).

Download the installer file to your PC or laptop, then double click on the installer file to install the program. It should install over the previous version with no problems.

You may receive a Windows security warning when you click the installer link. This is a standard Windows warning for downloads without digital signatures which our products do not carry.

Step 2. Activation

After installation, you need to Activate the program with the activation code to unlock all the features. You will receive an order confirmation email from Breakthru Software with this code.

How to activate

Note that if you are using a Firewall, you will need to allow Sound Mill to access the Internet one time for Activation.

Start the program and go to menu item Help -- Activate . Copy and paste (Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V ) the Activation code into the activation dialog, then press OK. Please be patient. Activation can take up to a minute to complete depending on Internet traffic load. When activation succeeds, close and restart the program.

What if the program will not start or there are problems after installation?

Follow the Trouble Shooting Steps at our Website Installation and Trouble Shooting Knowledge Base to fix most common post install issues. If you are getting an error message, email them to Support.