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Time Set Dialog

Setting a Time

Figure 1. Time Set Dialog
Figure 1. Time Set Dialog

The Time Set Dialog (Figure 1) allows you to enter a time value needed for a program control. This is not a time-of-day setting (ie AM/PM are not considered).

Time Set Dialog toolbar buttons
  • Copy - Copies the total milliseconds value from the dialog to the Windows clipboard.
  • Paste - Pastes a total milliseconds value (numeric) from the Windows clipboard.
  • Reset - Resets the dialog to the original time value from when the dialog was opened.
  • ms - Pops up a dialog to enter a new total milliseconds value.
  • 0 (Zero) - Zeros out the time to 0 total milliseconds.

Time Controls
  • Hours:Minutes:Seconds - Sets time by these values.
  • Milliseconds - Sets a fraction of a second in milliseconds. So for example you can set the time to a half of a second (500 milliseconds).
  • Time text - Shows how the time will be represented in the program user interface. Figure 1 shows time for 1 minute and 1 half second. (leading 0s are suppressed)
  • Total ms - Total milliseconds for the time setting. (1 second = 1000 milliseconds)

  • Maximum time that can be entered into this dialog is 23:59:59.999 .
  • If you want to copy the 'Time text', select the text with the mouse. Then right mouse click and pick Copy.