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Video Mill - User's Guide
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Audio Balance

Audio Output Device Selection

Video Mill audio is piped through the Default Playback device selected in the Windows Control Panel > Sound applet. On show day, remember to turn off System Sounds by setting the Sound Scheme to "No Sounds". You don't want to inadvertently produce any system beep sounds during a show. This is probably an item worth adding to your pre-show checklist.

Balance Slider

Works with Action Apply Mode.

The Balance Control (Balance Control) slider (Figure 1) sets the Balance (Left/Right audio channel mix) of the current selected Media Item. The value is the percent (%) of audio that plays through the Left and Right channels.

Slider Keyboard Control

If you select the slider control with the mouse, it will enable keyboard key operation of the slider. The Right Arrow and Left Arrow keys will move the slider position one tick for fine adjustment. The Page Up and Page Down keys will move the slider position five (5) ticks. Note: One tick is the smallest adjustment available with the slider.

Figure 1. Audio Balance Control
Figure 1. Audio Balance Control