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Using Elgato Stream Deck with Video Mill

Using Elgato Stream Deck with Video Mill

Figure 1. Stream Deck Models
Figure 1. Stream Deck Models

About the Elgato Stream Deck

The Elgato Stream Deck is a USB connected device with buttons that can be setup to send command keys to an application. This article describes considerations for using the Stream Deck to control Video Mill. All Stream Deck models operate the same for this setup.

Stream Deck Hotkeys

Stream Deck 'Hotkeys' allows you to send keyboard signals (shortcut keys, ex. Alt+1, Ctrl+2, Shift+C etc) to your computer when you press a Stream Deck button. They can be configured to any key combination you want. When a button is pressed, the Hotkey is sent to computer focused (active) window. See this Youtube video for Stream Deck Hotkey Guide - Setup and Tutorial .

What VideoMill functions can be executed?
  • Menu Shortcut Keys - Many VideoMill menu items have an associated shortcut key. If you send the shortcut key from a Stream Deck button, the menu item will execute.
  • Adhoc Shortcuts - VideoMill Adhoc Shortcuts allow you to associate a shortcut key to 1) Run a Script; 2) or Play an individual Media Item. Be careful not to pick a Shortcuts key combination that is used for any of the Automator menu items. You can get a list of all VideoMill menu item shortcuts by clicking Tools > Menu Items Shortcut Keys.

Automator Focus

Stream Deck Hotkeys are sent to the computer focused (active) window. In this case the Automator listens for the Hotkeys. A window becomes focused when you click on it. If the Automator loses focus, it will not 'hear' any Stream Deck Hotkeys. When a Media Screen is opened to play a video, it will take focus away from the Automator. Media Screens are actual windows that have one function -- to play a video. But the Runtime Setup below will ensure that Automator retains focus while Scripts are running or Media Items are playing.

Runtime Setup
  • Enable Ad Hoc Shortcuts - Click Behavior > Enable Ad Hoc Shortcuts menu item to mark it enabled (active). This tells VideoMill to return focus to the Automator after a Media Screen is opened or played. When using the Stream Deck, enable this regardless of whether or not you are using Ad Hoc Shortcuts.
  • Wait Time for Restore Window Focus - You can configure the time it takes to return focus to the Automator after a Media Screens is played. It's found in Automation Options (at the bottom of the options panel). In general, 0.5 or 1.0 second should be fine.
  • Open Automator window at Program Startup - (Optional) You may find it convenient. Or this may be necessary if you are starting VideoMill at computer boot-up time via batch file and starting unattended automation. The setting is located in Automation Options - General section.