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Automation Options

Scripts - Default Values

  • Default Name for New Script - Used as the default name when you create a New Script.
  • UnLoad Media Screens On Completion - See Script Editor for usage.


  • Open Automator window at Program Startup - When checked, the Automator window will open at program start-up and become the focused app window.
  • Automator Log Maximum Size (in Bytes) - When the Automator Log reaches this size, it is reset. All existing log messages are deleted on reset.

External Programs

  • Standard Wait Time for Restore Window Focus - See External Programs section for usage.

IPC: Inter-Process Communications

    For more details on these settings, see the IPC section.
  • Start IPC at Program Start-up - When checked, IPC will be Started when the program starts up.
  • Use IPV6 Address mode (unchecked = IPV4) - When checked, IPC will operate in IPV6 address mode. When un-checked, IPV4 address mode is used. You should perform IPC Clients Reset when changing this value.
  • Network Traffic Encryption - Prevents a malicious hacker from reading your sent commands or sending IPC commands to your computer or remote clients.
    • Encrypt Messages - When checked, all IPC messages sent across the network will be encrypted. If using encryption, all other IPC clients must also be using the encryption option since recipients must decrypt received messages.
    • Encryption Password - (optional) If no password is set, a program default password will be used. If you set a password, all Computers using IPC Clients MUST use the SAME password. You must restart IPC after changing the password.

      Set/Edit Password Click the Edit button to set or change the Encryption Password. Passwords are case sensitive ("LateShow" and "lateshow" are NOT the same). Passwords can use any combination of letters (upper and lower case), numbers and special characters. Spaces are allowed in the password (example, "Late Show" is valid). No password strength rules are enforced.

      Delete Password - Click the Delete button.


  • Start At Program Startup - When checked, the Scheduler will auto-start when the program starts. Only useful in cases when you auto-start the program from a batch file and pass a Media List name as a parameter.
  • Scheduler Run Mode - Selects one of several run modes: "Select by Time Only, Ignore Dates", "Select by Today's Date/Time Only", or "Select by Today and Future Dates". See the Scheduler page for details on these modes.

Automator Remote Controller Operation

  • Wait Time for Restore Window Focus - When operating the Automator in Remote Controller Mode, window focus must be restored to the Automator window after running a Play step. Focus will be returned after this duration of wait time. When the Automator is not focused, it will not receive signals from your remote control device. This time must be (at least) long enough for a Media Screen to setup and begin playing.
Figure 1. Automation Options
Figure 1. Automation Options