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Video Dimensions - Video Geometry

Video Geometry Controls

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Video Geometry settings determine how the video is rendered inside the Media Screen.

Figure 1.  Video Geometry Controls
Figure 1. Video Geometry Controls

About Video Dimensions

Video Dimensions defines how the video is sized and located within the bounds of the Media Screen.

Fit to Media Screen

When the Fit to Media Screen checkbox (Figure 1) is checked, the video will be sized to fit the dimensions of the Media Screen. When unchecked, the video is sized to the Media Screen Dimensions you define with the Video Dimensions Tool .

Natural Size

When the Natural Size button (Figure 1) is clicked, the video be sized to the Natural Video Size (original recorded video size in pixels).

Apply Live button

When the Apply Live button (upper, right on Figure 1) is clicked, it will activate a connection to the loaded Media Screen (if one is currently loaded). When active, any changes to the Video Dimensions made with the Video Dimensions Tool will be reflected immediately on the loaded Media Screen.

Video Zoom

You can Zoom-in on a video using the Video Dimensions Tool . From the tool bar, click Set Width > Set Width & Height in Percent . Then enter a percent Zoom Factor (ex. 2.0 = 200% Zoom). You can then Pan the zoomed video (left, right, up, down) within the media screen by clicking on the video rectangle and dragging it. You can Zoom-out by entering a value less than 1.0.

It is recommended (but not required) that you turn Off Crop when zooming a video (uncheck the Apply Crop checkbox). Once you zoom-in on the video, the cropping may sometimes interfere with manual panning. If you are not going to pan manually, crop will work as designed. Closing and reloading the Media Screen will usually fix any problem caused by cropping with zoom.

Video Dimensions Tool

The Video Dimensions Tool (Figure 3) let's you change the size and and location of the video within the Media Screen.

Open the tool, by clicking the Video Dimensions Tool button (Figure 1). Click on the video box and drag it to relocate its position. To resize it, click on the resize handle (red square at the bottom, right corner of the shape) and drag it. There is a wide variety of sizing and locating functions available on the tool bar.

Tool bar functions

For details on what the tool bar functions do, see the Resize/Relocate Tool section.

Figure 3. Video Dimensions Tool
Figure 3. Video Dimensions Tool

Resize/Relocation Tools

Typical desktop organization when making adjustments to Crop Area size/location; Video size/location; and Media Screen size/location.
Tools in Figure 4 (left to right): Crop Area Tool, Video Dimensions Tool, Media Screen Dimensions Tool.

Figure 4.  Resize/Relocation Tools
Figure 4. Resize/Relocation Tools
Figure 5. Dimensions Nesting
Figure 5. Dimensions Nesting