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Sound Mill X3 - Migration Tool

Sound Mill X3 - Migration Tool Description

This Migration Tool is a companion tool for following the Sound Mill X3 - Migration Procedure.


  1. Download the Sound Mill X3 - Migration Tool Zip file (contains the exe file and some dlls).
    Download link: Sound Mill X3 - Migration Tool ( V.r 1.0, 400Kb)
  2. Create a temporary folder anywhere you like and UnZip it to that folder. It does not require installation.
    Here is a 30 second video on How to Unzip a Zipped File if you don't know how.
  3. To start the Migration Tool, double click on the SMX3MigrTool.exe file.

Program Settings Migration

BEFORE you do this step, you MUST download and install Sound Mill X3 . Start it. Activate it, then close the program.

Make sure Sound Mill is shut down before doing this step. Click Settings > Migrate Program Settings to X3 . This will read your V2 Setting file and create a new X3 Setting file. This is a non-destructive operation. The V2 Setting file remains intact and is not over-written. Sound Mill X3 will find the X3 Setting file next time it is started.

Sound List Migration

First, if you have not done so already, in Windows Explorer, navigate to your V2 User Documents folder and copy the V2 Sound Lists to the X3 User Documents folder. (Don't move them, copy them so that you retain an unaltered copy of all your V2 work). You will perform this operation on Sound Lists in the X3 User Documents folder (" Sound Mill X3 ").

Sound List Migration Steps
Figure 1. Sound Mill X3 - Migration Tool
Figure 1. Sound Mill X3 - Migration Tool