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Test Mode

How to Start the Program in Test Mode

In most cases, running the program in Test Mode will force an error message popup (Figure 2) when a problem is encountered.

  1. Open Windows Explorer by Start > All Programs > Accessories > Windows Explorer. (NOT Internet Explorer)
  2. Navigate to the folder where the program has been installed (typically "C:\Program Files\Breakthru Software\Program Name").
  3. Double click the file named "Run-in-TESTMODE.bat" (Figure 1.).
  4. Then perform the program steps to reproduce the problem.

Test Mode Error Message

You should hopefully get a dialog box popup with an error message (similar to Figure 2). Paste the error message into an email and send it to our Support email address.

How to copy the error message - You can copy the error message text (Figure 2) to the Windows Clipboard by keyboard CTRL+A (Select All) then CTRL+C (Copy). Or if that does not work, take a screen shot of the message dialog (ALT+Print Screen).

Figure 1. Run-in-TESTMODE.bat
Figure 1. Run-in-TESTMODE.bat
Figure 2. Test Mode Error Message Box
Figure 2. Test Mode Error Message Box