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WindowZ Tool


This program can be used to manipulate Desktop Windows either as a Command line tool, via batch file or executed as an external program in SoundMill or VideoMill.


  1. Download the WindowZ Tool Zip file (contains the exe file, sample test bat file and a Readme file).
    Download link: WindowZ Tool ( V.r 1.0, 12Kb)
  2. UnZip to any folder. (does not require installation)
  3. To test it, start Wordpad, then double click the Wordpad-Test.bat file. Remove the "rem" from the beginning of any line in the bat file to test the associated command. In the test bat file, the default command is to bring Wordpad to the front of other open windows.


The included Readme file has full details.


WindowTitle - The text that appears in the window's title bar enclosed in double quotes. It must match exactly. Example: "Untitled - Notepad"