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Windows XP - End of Support

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    Microsoft .Net 4.6 will NOT run on Windows XP. Thus any of our products that have migrated to use of .Net 4.6 are subject to this End of Support notice. See the products Release Notes page to see the date that migration to .Net 4.6 occurred.

    You may continue to purchase and use our products for XP (separate installer download). The version/release that will install on XP is an older version/release than the current release and will not have the new features or bug fixes introduced since the release date of the XP version. Furthermore, we will no longer regression test new releases against Windows XP. We will no longer add extra program code to new releases specifically to make a program operate on XP. You may continue to report program bugs but we will not test for errors on XP. New program releases after this date may introduce features that will not work on XP, in which case you will be frozen on a final XP release.