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Sound Mill X3 - User's Guide
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Locator: Automator > Scheduler .


The Scheduler provides a way to run schedule Scripts at a specified time of day and on configured dates. One primary use is for mixing announcements with a music programming. This is useful for pre-show and intermission music programing as well as businesses like stores or public venues that need to interrupt programming to make announcements at scheduled times. The music (or whatever is playing) is paused until the announcement finishes. You can add silence before and after the announcement to give it separation. By setting different volume levels on the Music and announcement Sound Items, you can make the announcements louder if desired. Scheduler Plan contains a list of all the Scripts and Steps scheduled to run at a given time. The list will change over time.

Announcement examples: "Show begins in 10 minutes. Please take you seats." or "Attention customers, blue light special on isle five.". Real announcements will obviously be longer but you get the idea.

Scheduler Behavior

Important Rules
Figure 1.  Schedule Section of Script Editor
Figure 1. Schedule Section of Script Editor

General Behavior

Scheduler Behavior with Time Periods

Scheduler tool bar

Also see the Docking Tool bars section.

Figure 2.  Scheduler tool bar
Figure 2. Scheduler tool bar

Scheduler Diagnosis

If schedule is not executing as expected or you want to confirm that it is working as designed, check these Information Sources for messages about what got scheduled, what missed the schedule, and what steps were executed by the scheduler.

Key questions

Information Sources