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File menu

Menu Locator: Media List Editor > File .

The File menu (File menu) has the following functions. The default Media List file extension is '.MLT'.

Menu Items

Creating Media Items by Drag and Drop

From Windows Explorer (or other file system managers), you can Drag and Drop the following into the Media List panel. Drag and Drop is equivalent to the Import Media Files and Playlists menu item (same processing rules apply).

  • VideoMill Media List
  • Media files (video, audio, image and text files).
  • Folders containing media files.
  • Playlists (M3U or WPL).

When a Media List file is dropped, it will be Opened, replacing the current Media List. When media files are dropped, it will populate the Media List with a new Media Item for each file dropped. When a folder is dropped, the folder and any sub-folders will be searched for files to add. Dropped files are not validated for accepted media formats. Invalid files will simply not produce a result when Played.

About Playlist files (M3U or WPL)

You can Import/Export M3U, M3U8, or WPL Playlists from/to other media apps. M3U8 files are simply M3U playlists in UTF-8 encoded format. WPL is a format used by Windows Media Player, although WMP can also use M3U playlists.

Absolute paths vs Relative paths

Playlists can have two internal formats: Absolute paths or Relative paths. Absolute path means that files are specified as full paths (Disk drive: \folder_path\filename. ex. C:\Media\MyVideo.mp4). Relative paths means that files are specified with paths relative to the folder the playlist is contained in. For example, if the playlist resides in the same folder as the media files (mp4s etc), then only the filename (with no path) is specified in the playlist (ex. MyVideo.mp4). This makes the playlist portable when you copy the entire folder of files from one folder to another folder location, or to another computer.

Import Playlist

When importing a playlist, a new Media Item is created for each file contained in the playlist. If the playlist is a relative path formatted playlist with filenames only (no path), then the playlist must reside in the same folder with the media files. When importing, Media Item names are sourced from the media file Id3 tag if available.

Export Playlist

Export to M3U rather than M3U8 unless you know that the other app requires M3U8. Most apps will import both M3U and M3U8, but Windows Media Player does not like M3U8 (in our testing). Export to WPL format is not available (only import).

File toolbar

  • File toolbar - Buttons (Figure 1, from left to right): New, Open, Save and Help.

Also see the Docking toolbars section.

Figure 1.  File toolbar
Figure 1. File toolbar