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General Options

Prompts and Messages

  • Prompt to Save Changes on Exit - When checked, forces a Save prompt for a changed Media List when closing the program or creating a new Media List.
  • Show Tooltips - When checked, tooltips will be displayed on many controls when the mouse cursor hovers over the control..
  • Show Clock - When checked, the Time of Day Clock will be shown on the bottom status bar .
  • On Media Item selection, show media info - If checked, when a Media Item is selected in the Listbox a status message will show the media file name and its time duration.
  • Reset Media Item Name on Filename or Weblink Change - When checked, the Media Item Name field is updated whenever you change the Media Filename using the Browse for Media File button or the Enter URI Link for Media file button (in the Descriptor section) .
  • Always show Repair Moved Files info prompt - This will force an informational popup (explanation) before proceeding with the Tools > Repair Moved File Paths operations.
  • Time display: Digits of Precision - Specifies how many decimal places of precision to show for milliseconds (Thousandths of a second) where times are displayed. This is simple truncation of display digits -- no rounding is done. Display precision does not change the underlying time value which retains its full precision. Some display controls will not show fractions of a second regardless of this setting.
    • "0" - No milliseconds are displayed.
    • "1" - Tenths of a second (ex. :00.5).
    • "2" - Hundredths of a second (ex :00.56).
    • "3" - Thousandths of a second (ex :00.567).
  • Status Message Persistence Time - Specify how long you want status messages to stay visible on the status bar.


  • Log File Maximum Size - Log File is emptied automatically when maximum size is reached. (in Bytes)
  • Media File Tasker - Click the Browse button to select a Media File Tasker program (see description below).
  • Maximum Number of Recent Files - Sets the maximum number of files shown on the File > Recent Files list. The change takes effect on the next program start-up.
  • When Importing a Folder of Files, Include Subfolders - When checked, when importing a folder of media files, the folder's subfolders are also searched for media files. When unchecked, only the media files contained in the specified folder are imported.
  • Open Most Recent Media list on Startup - When checked, the most recently used Medialist will be opened on program startup.

Media File Tasker Program

When this program is invoked, the Media File Name of the selected Media Item is passed as an argument to the program. It can be any program that accepts a media file name as a command line argument (ie. a video editor, media properties inspector etc). You can also select a Windows batch file (.bat) that will accept the media file name as an argument. The program is invoked from the Edit Media Item > Media File Tasker menu item or the associated toolbar button. This program should allow multiple instances of itself to run. If it's a single instance program, it will likely ignore subsequent invocations by the Tasker button until you close it.

Suggested Tasker Program

If you have installed K-Lite Codec Pack, it has a excellent media properties inspector program named MediaInfo at this path, "C:\Program Files\K-Lite Codec Pack\Tools\mediainfo.exe" (folder location may vary).

Playlists (M3U/WPL)

For full details on Video Mill support for Import/Export of Playlists (M3U/M3U8/WPL), see the File menu page.

  • Name Default for Playlist - Name used when creating a new playlist. Import will use the playlist filename. Useful for national language customization.
  • Export M3U Playlists with Full File Paths (Absolute paths) - When checked, the media file's full file path (Absolute path) is included in the playlist. When unchecked, the media file's filename only is included in the playlist (Relative path). Use Absolute path, when you want to store the playlist in a folder other than the folder where the media files reside.
  • Create a Playlist in Automator on Import - When importing a playlist, if this box checked, a new playlist is created in the Automator (as an automation Script ready to be played).
Figure 1.  General Options
Figure 1. General Options