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Video Mill - User's Guide
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The Scheduler (Scheduler) provides a convenient way to schedule events (playing Media Items or running Scripts) by Date and Time of Day. Just start the scheduler and walk away -- let the Scheduler keep track of the time.

Scheduler Run Modes

The Scheduler can be run in several modes for user flexibility. When the Scheduler starts, it scans the Current Scheduler Plan. Plan Items are selected by the scheduler to run based on the Scheduler Run Mode criteria below. The mode is set in the Automation Options. If you change the Run Mode while the scheduler is running, the mode will not take effect until the Scheduler is stopped and restarted. The Scheduler can run for up to 24 days without a restart (a limit for .Net timers).

Scheduler Run Modes

Schedule Plans

You build a Schedule Plan that consists of Schedule Plan Items. You can create any number of plans for different purposes. Only one plan is run at a time. You select the Current Schedule Plan before starting the Scheduler. See Listing 1 for a sample Schedule Plan. If you change a Schedule Plan while the Scheduler is running, the plan changes will not take effect until the Scheduler is stopped and restarted.

Schedule Plan Item Types

Basic Steps

Important Media Item Settings

Sample Scheduler Plan

The sample Scheduler Plan in Listing 1 is for running a feature movie. The feature is preceded by a 15 minute short video. Next a full screen informational Marquee with a 10 minute Count-down timer is displayed. Setting the Post Delay on the Marquee Media Item, tells Video Mill to display it for the duration of the delay. Each screen takes up to a few seconds to Load which is not included in the schedule End Time calculation, therefore screens are not programmed to start the exact second the previous one ends. Exact Load time is dependent on the video length and other factors such as your processor speed, etc.

Listing 1. Sample Scheduler Plan
Scheduler Report
Date/Time stamp: 10/30/2015 9:55:33 AM
Last started: 10/29/2015 1:57:30 PM

Status: Stopped

Scheduler Plan
Name: Evening Show

Items in Plan

# Enabled, Date, Start Time,  End Time,  Media Type,  Item Name (Length)
1) ✔ 10/29/2015, 7:35:00 PM,  7:46:40 PM,  Play: Space Shuttle Short  (11:40)
2) ✔ 10/29/2015, 7:50:00 PM,  7:59:45 PM,  Play: Pre-Show Marquee (:00), PostDelay-09:45
3) ✔ 10/29/2015, 8:00:00 PM,  9:45:20 PM,  Play: The African Queen 1080pHD  (01:45:45)

3 - Items scheduled.
0 - Warnings.
0 - Errors.

✔ Enabled.
☒ Disabled.
ULoE - Unload Screen when Media Ends.

These menu items are found at Tools > Automation > Scheduler . Several functions have associated keyboard shortcuts. Some of these functions are also accessible from the Scheduler tool bar.

Scheduler Log

Scheduler Log has time stamped messages from the Scheduler runtime events. It shows what items are scheduled and which items did not get scheduled with a reason message. (Accessible from the Scheduler tool bar.)

Scheduler tool bar

The Scheduler tool bar (Figure 1) provides access to the management and operating functions for the Scheduler. See menu items above for details on each function.

Scheduler tool bar

Buttons (Figure 1, from left to right): Start (also Pauses and Resumes), Stop, Scheduler Status, Scheduler Log, Reset Log, Current Schedule Plan Report, Manage Scheduler Plans, Select Current Schedule Plan .

Figure 1. Scheduler tool bar
Figure 1. Scheduler tool bar

Scheduler Plan Editor

Allows you to edit a Plan including adding, deleting and setting the schedule time of Schedule Items in the plan. A single Media Item may be scheduled at multiple times in the same plan.

Edit Plan Items Toolbar

* - Actions with the asterisk (*) also work according to the Apply to Multiple functionality when that checkbox is checked.

Figure 2. Scheduler Plan Editor
Figure 2. Scheduler Plan Editor

Date/Time Editor

The Date/Time Editor (Figure 3) is popped up when you click any of the Date or Time Set buttons in the Scheduler Plan Editor above. The composite Date/Time text at the bottom of the editor also shows the Day Of The Week for the selected date.

Keyboard functions

Select any of the date or time fields with the mouse or Tab key. Then the keyboard Up and Down arrow keys will advance the selected value.

Date Quick Sets

Time Quick Sets

Copy and Paste

Copy and Paste buttons allow you to copy the date and time from one schedule, then open another schedule and paste the value to the new schedule.

Figure 3. Date/Time Editor
Figure 3. Date/Time Editor