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Screen Swap

Screen Swap Behavior

Screen Swap Behavior (Screen Swap Behavior) - When you have multiple screens loaded and want to swap between them to focus playing only one video at a time, it can take a lot of clicks to hide other screens and mute their audio or pause the video of the hidden screens while they are hidden. The Screen Swap tool bar makes it a snap to manage this process.

Note: Screen Swap is designed to work with Action Apply Mode set to Apply To Selected Media Item. Unpredictable results will occur in other modes.

How it works

When you Load a Media Screen, a numbered button is added to the Screen Swap tool bar associated to that screen. Up to 8 Loaded screens can be associated to the tool bar at a time. Hover the mouse pointer over a numbered button to see which screen is associated with the button. If you unload a screen, it will no longer be associated to the tool bar and button assignments may change as a result.

The list belopw describes the default behavior but you can alter the behavior by setting behavior options.

Swap Default Behavior
  • Selected Screen will become focused and visible. It's audio will be un-muted.
  • Other Screens will become hidden and their audio will be muted.
  • All Screens will continue to advance their play position, including hidden screens.

Swap Screens Behavior Options

See the Swap Screens Behavior Options for how you can alter the behavior of the Screen Swap tool bar to suit your needs. There are options to:

  • Automatically pause the video on screens that become hidden and resume video playback when they become visible.
  • Control whether or not the screen's audio is muted when it becomes hidden.
  • Control whether or not other screens become hidden when the target screen becomes visible.
  • and more...

Screen Swap tool bar

  • Screen Swap tool bar - Buttons (Figure 1, from left to right): Previous Screen, Next Screen, Screen 1, ... Screen 8.

Also see the Docking Tool bars section.

Swap Actions
  • Next Screen - Focuses the Next Media Screen in the sequential order.
  • Previous Screen - Focuses the Previous Media Screen in the sequential order.
  • Screen #n - Focuses the Media Screen at position "n" in the order.
Figure 1.  Screen Swap tool bar
Figure 1. Screen Swap tool bar