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IPC Connect Tool


IPC_Connect: (FREE tool) Sends message text to a Target Program listening on a local network UDP Port. Provides a method for your external, third party program to send IPC commands to SoundMill and VideoMill. You write an IPC command to a special text file and IPC_Connect will send it to the target program. Replies (if any) are written to a text file for your program to read. IPC (Inter-Process Communications) must be started on these programs to be able to receive the sent commands. Replies to some commands are recieved. (see User's Guide below for complete details)

Tech Notes


Latest release:
Version.release: 1.1
Date: December 26, 2020
Size: ~1.0 Mbytes
Works with: SoundMill and VideoMill.
Pre-requisite: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8

  1. Download the IPC_Connect Tool Zip file (contains the program exe file and utility dlls, and Help Document).
    Download link: IPC_Connect Tool (Zip file)
  2. UnZip to any convenient folder.
  3. You can make a Program Shortcut link to add to the Windows Start Menu or Taskbar. In Windows File Explorer, right-mouse click on the program EXE file and pick Create Shortcut from the context menu. Once the shortcut has been created, select it then right-mouse click. Pick Pin To Start or Pin To Taskbar from the context menu.