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Other Program Specific Migration Steps

IMPORTANT: Make sure you do the steps in the General Migration Cook Book BEFORE proceeding to these program specific steps.

Video Mill Specific Migration Steps

Prepare for Migration

Video Mill : Optional - If you plan to retire the Source Computer, you may want to save configuration information from it prior to migration. This is precautionary in case there is a critial problem in the migration and you need to reset your program settings. This is also all good information to have as a backup in the event of a potential future Windows crash.

For Each Media List

Open a Media List, then click Tools > Media List Validation Check . This will list any detected migration errors with the Media List. Primarily these will be related to media file folder path changes as a result of the migration setup (ie where you placed media file folders). These folder path issues can be fixed using Tools > Repair Moved File Paths. When prompted, specify the folder where you have copied the media file to on the Target Computer. If media files are in multiple folders, do this step once for each folder.

If your media files are located anywhere in the User Documents folder, you will have to do this Repair step.

Matrix Mic Specific Migration Steps

Matrix Mic : Optional - Migration of the program settings file for Matrix Mic , may be more work than it is worth. It is probably easier just to install the program to the Target Computer and do a one time manual setup.

It is recommended that you save a text copy of the configuration information from the Source Computer prior to migration. Go to Tools > View Configuration Summary and save the listing as a text file for reference. This will help as a guide to setting up Output Groups on the Target Computer.

If you decide to migrate the program settings file, here is what you need to consider. Sound card devices will be automatically reset to the devices detected on the Target Computer. You will need to do a one time reconfiguration of the Output Groups. The easiest way is to click Edit > Output Groups > Reset which creates Output Groups for all the newly detected devices. Then you can manually edit each Output Group to add multiple sound devices if desired. Use the configuration information text file as a guide for setup of the Output Groups.

Tempo Game Clock Specific Migration Steps

Tempo Game Clock : Special considerations for migration if this program are under development. Contact support if you need immediate help.

In addition to the program settings file, there are two other files in the Application Data folder that you should migrate: the personas file (PersonasList.dat) and the game favorites file (Favorites.dat).