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SendTo_UDP Tool


SendTo_UDP: (free tool) Sends message text to a Target Program listening on a local network UDP Port . This is a method for your external, third party program to send IPC commands to SoundMill, VideoMill and/or FreeStyler DMX Portal. IPC (Inter-Process Communications) must be started on these programs to be able to receive the sent commands.

Tech Notes
  • IPC is based on the UDP networking protocol. Messages are sent as UDP byte array (byte[]).
  • IPC - More Information at this link. IPC configuration for SoundMill, VideoMill and/or FreeStyler DMX Portal are essentially the same.
  • Requires .Net Framework 4.7.2. (More info.)
  • SendTo_UDP is a Windows Console App (Windows command line tool).
  • SendTo_UDP does not support IPC message encryption.


Latest release:
Version.release: 1.0
Date: June 21, 2018
Size: ~10 Kbytes
Pre-requisite: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7.2 or later

  1. Download the SendTo_UDP Tool Zip file (contains the exe file, sample test bat file and a Readme file).
    Download link: SendTo_UDP Tool
  2. UnZip to any convenient folder. (does not require installation)


SendToUDP takes 3 required arguments: 0) IP_address, 1) Port_number, 2) Message (enclosed in double quotes)
Syntax Example: "C:/My Utils/SendToUDP.exe" 52010 "RunScript 123"

The Readme file has full details (included in zip file).

Program Arguments
  • Program exe: SendToUDP.exe - If there are spaces in the folder path, enclose the full path in double quotes. Example: "C:/My Utils/SendToUDP.exe".
  • Arg 0: IP_address - Can be IPv4 or IPv6 format. A valid Network IP address of the computer the Target Program is running on (ex. Or Local Loopback address ( ) if running on the same computer.
  • Arg 1: Port_number - The Port_number that the target program is listening on.
  • Arg 2: Message - Message text to send. Enclose it in double quotes (ex "RunScript 123"). Message maximum length = 64,000 (64K) characters.


From Windows Command Line
  • Open a Windows command line window.
  • Enter: "C:/My Utils/SendToUDP.exe" IP_address Port_number "Message"
    Syntax Example: "C:/My Utils/SendToUDP.exe" 52010 "RunScript 123"
  • Folder full path is required unless you navigate to the exe's location folder (directory).

By Windows batch file
  • Use the Run-SendToUDP.bat file provided.
  • Run the batch file from the command line and specify the Message as an argument.
    Example: "C:/My Utils/Run-SendToUDP.bat" 52010 "RunScript 123"
  • To check for error messages, remove "rem" from pause line in the bat file.

Programs that can use this tool

The AutoHotkey Run command can run this tool. Or you could use Windows Task Scheduler to kickoff automation.

But literally any program that can execute a Command Line tool could be used.