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Edit Sound List menu

Locator: Sound List Editor > Edit Sound List .

Edit Sound List menu

The Edit Sound List menu has the following functions.

  • Name - You can name the Sound List to something that logically identifies it. (ex. "Grease Act II"). The Sound List name appears in the top title bar of the program.
  • Description - Add or change the description of the Sound List. Include special production instructions here. Multiple lines of text can be pasted into this textbox. It is included in the reports.
  • Category Name - Each Sound List has its own list of category names. Sound Items are categorized for sorting purposes. Category is selected on the Locator Group panel. Default categories are: Sound Cue, Music and Announcement.
    • Set Names as Defaults - Sets the Sound List category names from the program defaults.
    • Save Names as Defaults - Saves the Sound List category names as the program defaults.

  • Number the List - When checked, prefixes items in the Sound List with a number .
  • Sort List
    • Use Ascending Order - When checked, all sorts are performed in Ascending Order -- Descending when unchecked.
    • By Act/Scene/Page (numeric) - Resorts the list in ascending order by Group Hierarchy (ex. Act , then Scene and then Page numbers). For more information, see Group Hierarchy on the Classifiers help page.
    • By Name - Sorts the list by Name (alphabetically A to Z).
    • By Category - Sorts the list by Category (alphabetically A to Z).
    • Undo Last Sort - Returns the list to the order previous to the last Sort operation.

Find attempts to find the next (or previous) occurrence of the Find Text specified in the Tools toolbar Find Text textbox (see Figure 1). You select the Sound Item Target field that will be searched.

Menu Items

Tip Tip - Leading and trailing blanks are not trimmed from the Find Text. So for example, if you specify "My " (with a trailing blank) for the Find Text, the search will match "My Video" but not "MyVideo".

Find tool bar

  • Find tool bar - Buttons (Figure 1, from left to right): Show/Hide Attributes panel, Options dialog, Refresh List, Generate Report, Save as Default Attributes, Default Attributes Mode, Find Next, Find String textbox.

See more details for Save as Default Attributes and Default Attributes Mode. Also see the Docking Tool bars section.

Figure 1.  Find tool bar
Figure 1. Find tool bar