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Video Mill - User's Guide
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Start-At/End-At, Delays and Fades


These settings determine timing for Media Item playback.

Enabling a Setting

Time Set Buttons


Start-At and End-At times also work with the Go-To Play Position tool bar.


For Image and Text Screen Media Items Time Duration, see section below.

Effective Time

Effective Time is the expected play time of a Media Item and is calculated based on: Media Duration Time (Length), Pre-Delay and/or Post-Delay, and Multi-Play settings. For Image or Text Screen Media Items it may be the Default Image/Text Screen Duration applied from the Options. It is shown in a Report next to Media Duration (ex. Media Duration: 2:00, Effective Time: 2:10) but only shown when it differs from the Media Duration.


Rate of Fade

The fade rate is determined by the Fade Duration that you set. The duration is the amount of time it will take for the fade value to change from 100% to 0%. The longer the duration, the slower the fade. Fades apply to video, audio, and image Media Items -- except images don't use fade-outs because they have no play time duration.

Image or Text Screen Media Items - Time Duration and Post-Delay

Static Image files (Jpg, Png, etc) and Text Screens do not have an inherent time duration (length) like video and audio. See Default Image/Text Screen Duration for rules on how a time duration is determined.

Figure 1. Start-At/End-At and Fades
Figure 1. Start-At/End-At and Fades