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Video Mill - User's Guide
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Go-To Play Position Markers


A Go-To mark will jump the Playback position to a preset mark of your choice. You can change the marks as often as you like and there is virtually no limit to the number of marks you can set. When a Media Screen is loaded for the current selected Media Item, you can use the Go-To Position toolbar to jump to preset time position marks within a video (ie. like a bookmark). You can set any number of position marks. Go-To buttons A - F (Figure 1) will jump to the first 6 position marks configured. This can be a useful tool during rehersals when you need to reposition a video to a starting position repeatedly.

Play Behavior

Go-To Play Position toolbar

Figure 1. Go-To Play Position tool bar
Figure 1. Go-To Play Position tool bar

Menu Locator: Media List Editor - Tools > Go-To Markers .

Manage Go-To Marks

This pops-up a list of the current Go-To Marks. Select an item in the list to: Edit (change the time), Add, Delete, or Move (reposition) Go-To Marks. Use special keyboard shortcuts to move the selected item to the top (Alt+T), bottom (Alt+B) or middle (Alt+M) of the list.

Set All Marks to Interval Series

All marks in the list will be set to time series value based on an Interval. For example, if the inteval is set at 20 seconds, marker values will be set to :20, :40, 1:00, etc.

Set Interval for Series

Set the time interval used by the Interval Series function above.

Set End-At Proximity

You can set an End-At Proximity value to alter the Go-To time of the Go-To End-At button. When the Proximity is set, its time value is subtracted from the video end time. The Proximity provides an easy method to use the Go-To End-At button to jump to a defined time prior to the end of any selected video (ex. 10 seconds prior to video end).