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Managing Marquees and Marquee Styles


These are two components to the Marquee system. There is no limit to the number of Marquees and Marquee Styles you can create.

  • Marquee - The Marquee contains the text content and some operational settings.
  • Marquee Style - The Marquee Style contains the visual styling (fonts, colors, etc) and location of the Marquee.

Basic Steps
  1. Create a Marquee Style - Use the Marquee Style Editor to create a visual style for the Marquee. The style can be applied to any number of Marquees.
  2. Create a Marquee - Use the Marquee Editor to create a Marquee. Here you will apply a Marquee Style to the Marquee.
  3. Assign the Marquee to a Media Item - Select a Media Item, then go to Edit Media Item > Marquee of Selected Media Item > Set to Standard Marquee (there is also a toolbar button for one-click access). From the resulting popup dialog, pick a Marquee.
  4. Play the Media Item - Now just click the Play button to play the Media Item. The Marquee will appear on the Media Screen in front of the playing video.
Figure 1. Marquee System Design
Figure 1. Marquee System Design

Manage Marquees

Menu Locator: Media List Editor > Tools > Marquees .

Menu items

Manage Marquee Styles

Menu Locator: Media List Editor > Tools > Marquees .

Menu items

Global Marquee

You can use a Global Marquee that will apply to all Media Items that do NOT have a Marquee specified. This may be useful in cases such as displaying a small branding signature in the corner of videos (ie company logo, event logo, etc).

How to use the Global Marquee
  • Select the current Global Marquee by picking a new Marquee from Tools > Marquees > Pick Global Marquee
  • To activate Global Marquee mode, check the Behavior > Use Global Marquee menu item.
  • If you have added a Marquee to an individual Media Item, it will be used instead of the Global Marquee (ie overrides the Global Marquee).

  • If you select a new Marquee as the Global Marquee while a Media Screen is already loaded, you will need to Refresh the Marquee from the Marquee toolbar to apply the new marquee.

Default Style

When a Marquee references a Marquee Style cannot be located, the Default Style will be used. This could happen if the referenced Marquee Style got deleted. You can change the Default Style any time with the Pick New Default Style menu item (see above).

Marquees and Load Templates

To show a Marquee when using a Load Template, you need to add the Marquee directly to the Load Template before playing the first Media Item with the Load Template. Use the Add Standard Marquee to Load Templates menu item (see above). Remember that all the Media Item's attributes are ignored when playing it with a Load Template. Thus even if the Media Item already specifies a Marquee, it will be ignored.