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Edit Media Item menu

Video Mill Clipboard

The Edit Media Item menu has the following functions. Video Mill has its own clipboard which is separate from the Windows clipboard. Copy, Cut and Paste Media Item use the Video Mill clipboard. Also, Copy, Cut and Paste Media Item do not use the standard Windows keyboard short cuts which are reserved for text field editing.

Menu Locator: Media List Editor > Edit Media Item .

Menu Items

About Media File Information

When you create a new Media Item, or when you Reacquire its properites, the following Media File information is initialized. All info properites may not be available from the file system.

  • Media Type - Video, audio, image or text.
  • Media Time Duration - If the media duration (time length) is not available from the Windows file system, it will be acquired the first time you play the media.
  • Title - From ID3 Tag (aka MP3 tags). When found, the Media Item Name is set to this value.
  • Size - Width,Height - For video and image items.
  • Date/Time Encoded - Date of recording or last edit/modified date.

Edit Media Item toolbar

  • Edit Media Item toolbar - Buttons (Figure 1, from left to right): Delete, Cut, Copy, Paste, New, Move Up, Move Down, Media Item Information, Media File Tasker.
Figure 1. Edit Media Item toolbar
Figure 1. Edit Media Item toolbar

List Item Selection toolbar

Changes the current item selection in the list. This toolbar is useful when scaling up toolbar size for using the program as a touch screen interface.

  • List Item Selection toolbar - Buttons (Figure 2, from left to right): Up One, Down One, Page Up, Page Down, Focus List Items.
Figure 2. List Item Selection toolbar
Figure 2. List Item Selection toolbar