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How to Contact Support

When to Contact Support

Contact Support for the any of the following.

  • Presale questions.
  • Installation problems.
  • Program errors.
  • Web site issues and broken links.

In most other cases, especially for program usage questions, please direct your question to the User Forum.

What To Do First

Always before emailing Support, check the program's Download page on our site to ensure that you are using the latest Version.release (V.r). If you are not at the latest V.r, install it since there may be program fix in a subsequent maintenance release that solves the issue. The program's Version.release can be found at Help -- About .

What to Send to Avoid Delays

Send the following to Support via the e-Mail email link on the Contact page. The more concise you are when reporting a problem, the quicker a problem will be resolved. Support will almost always need the following information for problem determination -- Avoid delays by providing it on your initial inquiery. Send the following:

  • Program Configuration Data - Support will almost always need your Program Configuration Data for problem determination.
  • Problem Description - Explain what program operation you were doing when the error occurred.
  • Error Messages - If you get an error message in a popup message box, copy and paste the full message into your email. (see Copy Tip)
  • Log Messages - Related error messages (sometimes more detailed) are often found in the program log -- Look in Help -- Session Log .

Copy Tip - To copy error messages from a popup message box: Use Windows keyboard short cuts. Ctrl-A to Select-All text. Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V to perform Copy and Paste respectively. Or use the Alt-Print Screen key combination to copy the popup screen image and send it.