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Customer Story Program

Winning Customer Stories
Winning Customer Stories

We want to hear your story! And so do other users. It doesn't have to be a big professional production. We have lots of amateur and hobbyist users who would love to see what others are up to. And if you don't have time to submit a complete story, just send us a quote. It could be a paragraph or just a sentence or two to tell us what you like about the product.

We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Please Join Our Customer Story Program

This is an open invitation to pros, amateurs and hobbyists alike. We love hearing from our customers and users. So we have opened up a Customer Story Program. Please consider joining to share your expert solutions with other users.

How the Program works

Tell us about how you are using one of our products. We'll create a Customer Story Web page just for your application. It can contain as much or as little personal information as you want (or none). It can include your photos and business/group logos, and a link to your Website. If you prefer to feature your work anonymously, that's fine. We can designate it as something like "Submitted by a Sound Designer in New York" or whatever you choose. You can ask us to remove a Customer Story at any time. We consider it to be your property.

What's in it for you?

We obviously want to showcase how the quality and functions of our software helped you solve design, production, or business problems. But what's in it for you?
  • Showcase Your Work - It provides a place to feature your ingenious and expert work. Give the link to family, friends, customers or potential employers.
  • Find Potential New Customers - Visitors to our Website will get to see your work. More eyes on your work could drive potential business your way. Or maybe establish other contacts in your area of expertise.
  • Increase your SEO (Web Search Engine Optimization) - Did you know that Web search engines use the 'number external of links' pointing to your Website as a key metric to calculate your position in search results? Every external link helps.

Feature Customer Story - Submission Form Guidelines

Well, these are more suggestions than guidelines really. There are NO required fields. Include as much or as little information as you like. Typical studies are 400 to 800 words, but they can be more or less than that. What ever it takes to tell your story. Write it up then email it to us at the address on our Contact page.

We'll create the Web page, then send you a link to approve it (or you can request edits). We do not link the story to our site until YOU give final approval.

About you, your business/organization/hobby

If not a business consider spam implications of posting contact info on a web page.

  • Your Name, an alias Id (ex. "SoundRaider "), or an anonymous title (ex. "Sound Designer"). You can use First name/ Last name OR just First name only. Think about what you want to disclose.
  • Your Business/organization name. What is the business/purpose?
  • Contact info (if any or none). It's best to limit this to your Website link (or Facebook, etc) and City/State. Posting an Email address on any Webpage can be a source of spam.
  • What should people know about you? What type of projects do you do?
  • Any special certifications or awards.

About your venue
  • Venue name, size, number of seats. Typical traffic over a season or time period?
  • Venue Contact info if different from your business above.

About your solution
  • What problem did you solve?
  • How did our product help solve it?. How did you configure the program for a custom solution.
  • What is your hardware/software configuration? Computer horsepower (CPU, RAM), Operating System (XP/Vista/7). Any special hardware involved (soundcards, video projectors, etc).
  • What program feature did you really like that helped you achieve the solution?
  • To what degree would you recommend this software?


Other people like to know if their hardware is powerful enough to use the program, so please provide any of the following that you are willing to share:

  • Computer: Laptop, desktop, or other, CPU model and speed, amount of RAM, Windows OS version.
  • Audio interface: audio soundcard model, or special gear.
  • Video interface: projection device and how connected.
  • Other: Remote controller device make/model, or any other devices used in your solution.


Provide any graphics that you think helps tell the story. Attach photo files to your submission email. Or provide a weblink to a web page where the photo(s) resides (we'll download it). We generally need to resize photos or crop a section to integrate into the Web page. . If you do not want to allow photo editing, tell us that. We will attribute a photo to you in the page footnote if you tell us how you want it attributed. (ex. All performance photos by Andy Warhol, Copyright © 2010.)

  • Photos of your group performance. Stage photos. You working at an operators console, etc. Venue screens.
  • Business/org logo or other graphic.
  • Screen shots of our software in use.