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Don't hesitate to request a free 30-day Evaluation Key. It will unlock all the features of the program for all editions and allow you to save your work. Any project files you create during evaluation will be accessible after the evaluation period should you decide to purchase.

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The key is emailed to you immediately. We will never share the email address with anyone.

About the Evaluation Key

Key Delivery Time

Your key should arrive via email within a minute or two of submitting the request. Actual delivery time will be gated by the refresh frequency of your email server or client. If you don't receive the key within 15 minutes, please email support directly to request a key. Also, check you email Spam folder.

Key Limitations

The key will activate on one computer only and only for the product selected. One key request per user is allowed (per product). If you have a special need for another Evaluation Key, please email your request to Support and we will be glad to accommodate your needs (please specify reason).

Evaluation Key Agreement

By activating the program with the Evaluation Key, you are agreeing to these terms. The Evaluation Key may only be used for the evaluation time period agreed upon. It is for testing and evaluation purposes only.

Your Privacy

We do not share your email address with anyone, for any purpose whatsoever. And we will not use your email address for any marketing purposes whatsoever.