Given the complex tasks our products are designed to achieve, there can be a learning curve involved when first getting started. Some customers who are under strict time constraints may need help developing a solution quickly. We offer services at a modest fee to solve your requirements with rapid turnover.

Services Available

Services we can provide include:

  • Solution File - A completed solution file that meets your business needs. You can simply open the file in the product and begin using it with little or no modifications needed.
  • Operator Instructions Document - Brief user document for novice operators of the program based on your specific solution.
  • Conference Call - Conference call within the continental United States with you and your staff to discuss solutions to requirements. Calls are by scheduled appointment: suggest a day/time (time zone) and provide a phone number to call. (sorry no international calls at this time)
  • Other - Or tell us what you need.

How to Request Services

Simply eMail Support with your request and some preliminary information. To speed processing, include any of the applicable information below.

  • Product name.
  • A description of your needs/requirements. Be as specific as possible including tasks that need to be scheduled by time-of-day and what needs to be automated. If you have sample media files to demonstrate the requirement, attach the file or provide a download link. If Web streaming media is part of the solution, provide a link so we can test it.
  • Who will be the end user of the solution? (Trained or novice operators, Kiosk for general public, etc.)
  • Your time constraints.
  • Does your media hardware present any special restrictions.
  • Any other special considerations.

Statement of Work

We may reply to request additional information to size the solution. Once we have a good understanding of the requirements, we will provide a Statement of Work with a price quote and a proposed time schedule for delivery.

Proceeding to Development

Once you have agreed to proceed based on the Statement of Work, we will likely need some files and information from you to proceed. These may include:

  • The Windows folder location of your media files on your computer. Avoid placing media files in the user documents folders if possible since the solution would be less portable across machines.
  • If your media files are not too numerous or large in size, place them in a location where we can download them.


Once you receive, test and accept the deliverables, pay by credit card or PayPal.