Retrieve Activation Code

Activation If you lost your activation code(s), or you did not receive it via email within 1-10 minutes after purchase, use this link.

Click this link to Go to link Retrieve Activation Code .

Your activation code(s) is emailed to you immediately but may take 1-10 minutes to arrive due to internet email servers cycle timings.

If you do not receive the email after 10 minutes, check the following.

  • Refresh your in-box email list.
  • Check your Spam folder.
  • Check that you have an internet connection.
  • Send an email to request the activation code via our Contact Us page. For your security and privacy reasons, the email id that you used when purchasing the product is the only id we will send the code to. If you want us to send it to a different email-id, we will need to verify your identity first.

Form Instructions

    Figure 1 below shows the form screen shot.

  1. Enter the e-Mail Address that you used when purchasing the product. No other email address will work -- for your security and privacy.
  2. Pick the Program Name from the selection list.
  3. Enter the Form Validation Code. (no spaces between letters)
    • If you cannot read the Validation Code, click the Try Another Code button to change the code image.
    • If you are vision challenged, click the Accessible Code button for a popup dialog with the code presented in text form.
  4. Now Submit the form.
Figure 1. Retrieve Activation Code Web Form
Figure 1. Retrieve Activation Code Web Form