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PayPal: ONLY Authorized Payment Processor

Our ONLY Authorized Payment Processor is PayPal [1] (accepting PayPal and major credit cards). No other sellers have the ability to provide the activation code. For maximum safety and security, please use the Buy Now links directly on our web site. Don't be fooled by pirate sellers (Warez dealers) offering discounts on our products. They will take your money but any activation code they give you will not work. We cannot assume any responsibility or liability for sales conducted by anyone other than our Authorized Sales Partner. PayPal meets the standards of the Better Business Bureau's BBBOnline Privacy Program

The Phishing Hook

Caution! Have you ever gotten spam email offering software at amazing, deep discounts (commonly called Phishing)? It comes from fraudulent sellers and they even setup official looking Web sites to fool you. Our ONLY authorized sales outlet is listed above. Do not purchase our products from any other sales outlet. Phishers have ways of spoofing the FROM value in an email so it appears to come from a legitimate person or company. Never click on a Buy link sent to you in an email. That's good advice for any online purchases.

[1] PayPal is a Registered trademark of PayPal, Inc.