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Voice Interface Operation


Voice Interface allows you to use the computer microphone to speak commands to play cues. You apply Voice Phrases to each Cue in the Cue-List. When the Voice engine recognizes the spoken Phrase, RMM will execute the associated Cue. Cues can trigger audio or video via IPC connections to Sound Mill, Video Mill. 50+ National Language variations are supported.

Play cues with Voice Commands
Play cues with Voice Commands

Menu Items

Voice Commands

There are voice commands associated with each of the Play Actions buttons

Command target

Play, Stop, Pause and Resume can operate in two modes:

  • On Selected Item - Say "Play item", "Stop item", "Pause item", "Resume item". 'Item' is a Standard Voice Term meaning 'selected Cue-List item'.
  • On Cue Phrase - Say "Play Cue-Phrase". Example: Say "Play Yellow Submarine" or "Stop Yellow Submarine", etc.

Implicit Play

If you speak a cue's Voice Phrase alone, RMM will assume the desired command is Play. Example: Say "Yellow Submarine" and RMM will play the Cue that has the Voice Phrase "Yellow Submarine".


Say "Cancel" to stop all running cues.

Moving the Cue-List Cursor
    Say these words to move the Cue selection.
  • Next - Selects the next Cue.
  • Previous - Selects the previous Cue.
  • Page Down - Selects the Cue that is one page down from current selection.
  • Page Up - Selects the Cue that is one page up from current selection.
  • Home - Selects the first Cue.
  • End - Selects the last Cue.

Cue Voice Phrases

A Cue Voice Phrase is a word or multiple words associated with a Cue-List item. For example the Cue Item named "Yellow Submarine" could have its Voice Phrase set to "Yellow Submarine" or "Submarine" or "Thirty Two" or "Foo Bar" -- Or really any word phrase you want to associate with it.

Setting Cue Voice Phrases

The Voice > Cue Voice Phrases menu items offer several ways to set the value.

National Language Selection

The Voice Recognition Engine uses the Windows OS default national language (sometimes referred to as 'culture' in Microsoft documents).

Pick the Target Language

If you want to use Voice Recognition in the computer's default language, you generally don't need to make this selection. If you want to target a different language, pick another target language in the Voice Options.

Translating Standard Terms

To use a non-English national language, you will need to provide language translations for the Standard Terms. Edit these terms via Tools > Standard Terms > Edit.

Trouble Shooting

  • No Sound - See Microphone Setup fix below.
  • Microphone Setup > 'Wizard could not start' error message. - RMM app may not have authorization to use the Microphone. Fix via Windows Settings > Privacy Settings > App Permissions \ Microphone. Turn on "Allow apps to access your microphone".

Microphone Proximity to Speaker System

Be aware that your microphone will be listening to ambient sound which may include your speaker system if your cues are triggering audio playback. You will need to take care that the speaker system does not create an audio feed back loop based on volume and speaker placement. Also if the played audio contains spoken words, RMM may hear the words and recognize a phrase.