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Help menu

Locator: Sound List Editor > Help .

The Help menu has the following functions.

  • View Help - Opens the Contents page for the program Help document in your Web browser.
  • Session Log - Opens the application log. If you encounter errors when running the program, detailed error messages may get posted to this log. The messages may be helpful in determining corrective actions. Copy and paste any related error messages to emails when communicating problems to Support. The log is a simple text file. You can delete messages from previous sessions if you only want to see today's messages.
  • Web Site and Support - Opens the Support Web site page in your browser.
  • Check for Updates - Will ping our Web site to get lastest version.release (V.r) level and compare to your program V.r. If a later V.r is available, you should go to the Web site to download and install it.
  • Show All Program Windows - Moves all program windows to the upper left corner of the Primary display. Useful if you were using a program window on a secondary extended display that becomes disconnected. Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+0
  • Activate - The program must be activated to unlock full program function. A valid purchase order Transaction Id is your Activation code (License Id). Activation will attempt to connect to the our Website to validate your code. Your computer firewall may ask if the program is permitted to access the Web. You need to allow it to access the Web this one time. No private or personally identifiable information is transferred in this process. The activation is good only for the computer on which the program is activated. This program is licensed on a one machine per order number basis.
  • Remove Lost Password - If you forgot a password, this allows for Removal of the Program Password (used for Show Mode) and Soundlist passwords. You are prompted to enter a Authorization Key to access this feature. Contact support to request an Auth Key (provide your Program Configuration Data with the request). Each program license has its own unique Auth Key. If you use passwords, we recommend you request the Auth Key before you need it so you are not stuck on a weekend waiting for Support to reply.
  • About - Program version and release information. Licence agreement and publisher Website link. When communicating problems to Support, please include the Program Configuration Data from this dialog in your email (by copy/paste).