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Figure 1. Subtitles - Docked To Bottom
Figure 1. Subtitles - Docked To Bottom

SRT Subtitles is a popular file format for applying subtitles to videos for national language translation, hearing impaired or other reasons. There are Websites that provide free or low cost SRT Subtitles for popular movies. There are also software programs that "rip" (extract) subtitles and their timings from videos that contain them. And programs are available to create your own SRT files. SubRip is a free program for Windows that will extract SRT files from videos.

Video Mill can read SRT Subtitles files and apply them to a video using the Marquee system.

Marquee Style for Subtitles

You can use any Marquee Style you want for visual presentation (font, colors, etc). In most cases for Subtitles, you will want to use a Marquee Style that docks the Marquee to the bottom (or top) of the Media Screen (as in Figure 1).

How to Apply Subtitles

Follow these steps:

  1. In the Screens3 Options, check the Show Video Subtitles checkbox. When not using Subtitles, it is best to keep this unchecked to avoid Subtitles overhead processing.
  2. Obtain the video's Subtitles file (must be .SRT format). Place the .SRT file in the same folder where the video resides -- or in a Common Subtitles Folder if you have designated one in the Options. The Subtitles filename must match the video's filename exactly (ex. MyVideoName.MP4 must have an associated MyVideoName.SRT file).
  3. Pick a Marquee Style to use for Subtitles. Go to Tools > Marquee Styles > Subtitles > Subtitles Style .
  4. Now just play the Media Item.

Note: Subtitles uses the Marquee system. So you cannot use a Marquee on its Media Screen while the video is playing.

Menu Locator: Media List Editor > Tools > Marquee Styles > Subtitles Style .

Subtitles Style

Subtitles can use any Marquee Style. You can change the Default Style any time with the Tools > Marquee Styles > Pick New Subtitles Style menu item (see above). In most cases, you will want to select a style that docks the Marquee to the bottom of the Media Screen.