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Refund Procedure

Refund Policy

Our first goal is satisfied customers. Please be aware that we will be glad to work with you resolve any problem to your satisfaction.

However, if, within 30 days of your purchase, you determine that the product does not meet your needs/requirements, just follow our RMA refund procedure and we will gladly refund your payment. If you care to share your reasons, please include them. We are always trying to improve our products to meet new customer requirements.

Fee for Missing RMA Code: If you do not provide the De-activation RMA code (see below), there will be a processing fee deducted from your refund. Contact Support for fee information.

Lost RMA code - If you lose your RMA code, program de-activation also creates a file in your Documents/ProgramName folder (ex. Documents/VideoMill). The file is named "ProgramName Refund Authorization.txt" and contains the RMA code.

Refund Procedure

You MUST follow these steps to request a refund:

  1. Program De-activation - You must De-activate the program. From the program main window, Go to Help > De-activate on the program's main menu.
    • De-activation will return a Refund Authorization RMA code which you need to email to Support as proof of De-activation.
  2. Send Refund Request Email - Email the Refund Authorization RMA code to Support.
  3. Reason - In the Email, specify "Refund Request- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee" as your reason for the refund request. Or other reason if applicable.

We will validate your Refund Authorization RMA code and your refund will be submitted for processing within two business days. You will receive an eMail stating that your refund has been processed by us. Refunds may take up to 7 days to be processed by your credit card company and show up on your credit card statement. This time is due to internal processing within your credit card company which is outside of our control.

Program License Transfer Procedure

See this link for the Program License Transfer Procedure.