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Program License Transfer Procedure

Program License

Your program license entitles you to run the program on ONE COMPUTER ONLY. The license is registered to the computer via program activation.

Procedure Steps

Follow these steps to request a program license transfer. Missing information will cause a processing delay.

  1. Download the latest release of the program and install it on the new computer that you want to transfer the license to.
  2. Start the program on the new computer and go to Help > About. Click the Copy button to copy the Program Configuration Data to the Windows clipboard.
  3. Send License Transfer Request Email - Paste the Program Configuration Data into an email and send it to Support. Specify "Program License Transfer" in the email subject line.

Within 24 hours (on weekdays), we will process your request and inform you of processing completion. Then all you need to do is activate the program on the new computer using your original activation code.

Un-install the program on the old computer to complete the process.