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CD Info for Audio CDs

Locator: Sound List Editor > Edit Sound Item > CD Info .

About Audio CDs

Audio CD

DVD/CD Player Audio CDs can be played with Sound Mill but have some unique properties not associated with audio files that are stored on the hard disk. First, it is a mechanical device so there can be a delay while waiting for the drive to spin up and read track data. Audio CDs do not have audio files such as MP3s. They contain raw audio data and CDA files which contain position pointers to each track location on the disc. Audio CDs do not contain the track names on the disc itself or even the album name of the disc. Sound Mill will retrieve CD Info (such as album name, track names) from the internet automatically for music industry manufactured CDs.


Warning You must plug-in any USB DVD/CD Player(s) you plan to use BEFORE starting Sound Mill . If you forget, just plug it in and restart Sound Mill . Audio CDs will not play unless this startup order is followed.

  • Read Only: Sound Mill will never try to write to an Audio CD.
  • CDA files are supported only by Media Player Driver (specified in the Sound Item Play Modifiers ). Thus you will not be able to use Output Groups.
  • Windows is generally consistent in assigning the same drive letter (ex D:\) to a USB DVD/CD Player when it is connected. However, if the drive letter is changed, you can use Tools > Repair Moved File Paths to quickly fix the Soundlist Sounditem media file paths. If you see drive errors after plugging it in, try clicking Edit Sound Item > CD Info > Rediscover DVD/CD Drive.
  • Sound Mill targets only one DVD/CD Drive at a time. If you have multiple players connected to the computer, you can select the target Drive by Edit Sound Item > CD Info > Select Target DVD/CD Drive. (see below)

User Custom Burned CDs

User Custom Burned CDs generally to not match music industry manufactured CDs and will not be found from a Web search. Details on special handling of Custom Burned CDs is covered on the CD Info for Custom CDs page.

CD Info contains: Album Name, Artist, Year, Genre, and Track Names.

Allowing Automatic Web Retrieval of Song Names

By default, Audio CDs tracks are named Track01, Track02, etc. Actual album track names need to be retrieved from the Web if you want to add them automatically to Sound Items.

CD Info menu items

SoundList Name

After importing an CD Info, the SoundList Name will set to the Album name. The program title bar will be updated to reflect the name change.

Info saved in SoundList

Some CD Info values (Album Name, Artist, Year, and Genre) are saved with the Soundlist. Click Tools > Sound Design Report to see them.


Some CD Info options are available on the Program Options dialog. Includes 'Turn Off CD Info Internet Retrieval' option.

DVD/CD Drive Tools

These tool features provide management controls for DVD/CD Drives.

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