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Password Protection

Types of Passwords

There are two types of passwords.
1) A Sound List Password will force a verify password dialog any time you try to open the Sound List file. Each Sound List can have its own unique password or no password.
2) The Program Password is used by Sound Mill to enforce authorized program operations. For example, changing the program Show Mode setting will force a verify password dialog when the Program Password is set. (see Options -- Program).

Sound List Passwords

Passwords provide a way to help protect your Sound List intellectual property from unauthorized use. Or they can prevent potential tampering of the Sound List on a shared computer. When set, you cannot open the Sound List with Sound Mill without entering the password. However, the contents of your Sound List are NOT encrypted. So do not store trade secrets in description fields thinking the password protects them from prying eyes. Text you enter into text fields can still be read by opening the Sound List file with a simple text editor.

Tip Tip - Write down your passwords and store them in a safe place. If you forget a password, there is no way to retrieve it from the Sound List yourself. And never try editing a Sound List file with a text editor since changing even one character sometimes corrupts the file and it will not be recoverable.

Allowed characters - Passwords are case sensitive and allow special characters (any character you can type on the keyboard).

Retrieving lost passwords - If you absolutley must retrieve a forgotten password to avoid loss of critical work, please contact Support. A fee will apply as this is not a trivial task. You must be the owner of the Sound Mill program license ( Program Id) that created the Sound List password. This is for your protection of your intellectual property against unauthorized use (no exceptions).

How secure is the password protection? - According to National Security Agency (NSA) standards, 256 bit AES encryption is sufficient to protect classified information of TOP SECRET level. However, a highly skilled and determined cracker could use advanced cracking techniques to discover the password. If your Sound List is considered highly valued intellectual property, do not rely on the Sound List passwords as the only protection device. Think of these passwords as keeping the honest people honest.