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Program Activation

Lost or Missing Activation Code

How to Activate

After installation, you need to Activate the program with the activation code to unlock all the features. Activation associates your program license to a specific computer. The purchase terms allow for one computer per license. Start the program and go to Help > Activate . Copy and paste the Activation code into the activation dialog, then press OK. Please be patient. Activation usually completes in less than 10 seconds, but can take up to 60 seconds. When activation succeeds, close the program and restart it. Once activated, your Activation Code cannot be used to activate the program on any other computer.

Copy and Paste keyboard short cuts: Ctrl+C (Copy); Ctrl+V (Paste).

Figure 1. Program Activation Dialog
Figure 1. Program Activation Dialog

Activation Requires Internet Access

The program will attempt to access the Internet during Activation. You computer's firewall may popup a message (Figure 2) asking if the program may access the Internet. You MUST ALLOW this one time access. If you plan to access any Web streaming content links with the program (ie an HTTP link), you should indicate that the firewall program should "Remember" the setting.

Figure 2. Typical firewall warning popup
Figure 2. Typical firewall warning popup

If Activation Fails

First, don't panic. The standard activation method works fine for most of our customers, but on rare occasions a problem may occur. It is usually due to one of the issues listed below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not succeed with Activation.

Activation error messages

If you contact support, please include any error messages you receive. Check the program Session Log for error messages (Help > Session Log). If you get a pop-up error message, you can copy the pop-up to the Windows Clipboard by clicking on the pop-up to make it the active window then click Alt+PrtScn keyboard keys.

Key Reuse Denied

If you see this "Key Reuse Denied", it is because the Activation code you are trying to use is linked to another computer. If you have more than one license, you need to keep track of which Activation code is linked to which computer.

Figure 3. Key Reuse Denied warning
Figure 3. Key Reuse Denied warning

Common Reasons For Activation Failure

Activation and Your Privacy

Activation passes your Activation Code and program identifier to our Web server. No identifiable information about you or your computer is transmitted in this process.