Sound Mill - Now Playing at the Civic Center (Customer Story)

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"It is a very nice fit for us! Thanks."
Events Center, Information and Technology Manager

Capital City Civic Center uses Sound Mill to pipe music programming to multiple meeting/dining rooms, each room with its own playlist.

Playing 24/7 at the Capital City Civic Center

Civic Center The Requirement

This civic center, located in a US state's capital city, is a multi-venue convention and entertainment complex that hosts a wide variety of events, like concerts, sporting events, conventions, trade shows, weddings, and more.

The civic center has a requirement to pipe music programming to multiple meeting/dining rooms at their complex. Each room has its own powered speaker system. They need central control of the programming from one computer. Each room requires its own playlist of music tracks, for example, Christmas music, jazz, piano, classical, opera, etc. Programming needs to be started/paused/resumed and stopped independently of programming in other rooms. Finally, playlists needed to play in a continous loop until stopped by the operator. Sound Mill was selected as the best technology fit.

Meeting Room The Sound Mill Solution

A playlist of music tracks was created for each target room by simply ripping tracks from selected music CDs. Then using Sound Mill , a playlist (automation script) was created for each room. The script plays each music track in sequence piping the output to the target room. Playlists for one or more room can be started or stopped whenever needed without affecting the play sequence of other rooms. This setup is easily extendable to create custom playlists for customers using customer provided music CDs. New playlists can be created in seconds and started without interrupting play in any rooms that are currently in use.


  • Computer: Standard Windows 7.
  • USB External Soundcards, connected to a USB Hub, one for each target room.
  • Each conference room has its own powered speaker system.

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