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Please always check these FAQs for answers before contacting support.


Question: Do I have to allow the program to access the Internet to Activate?

Answer: Yes, if you are having problems with activation, please contact Support.

Question: What do I do if Activation fails after several attempts?

Answer: See the section titled "If Activation Fails" on the Activation Details page.

Question: How do I move my copy of the program to another computer?

Answer: You must follow the Program License Transfer procedure.

Program Trouble Shooting

Question: After installation, the program will not start. What should I do?

Answer: Follow these trouble shooting steps to fix most common post install issues.

Question: I get and installation error, "Insufficient privledges". What's wrong?

Answer: Your Windows user id needs "Administrator" privileges to install programs to the C:/Program Files folder. If you are not able to log on with an "Administrator" id, just create a new folder (ex. C:/Programs2 ) and install to that folder. You are guaranteed to have 'write' access to any folder you create.

Question: The program installed with no errors, but the program will not start or I get no error messages or an error message popup. What now?

Answer: Try the Application Diagnostic Tool which may solve the problem.

Question: The program starts but crashes and/or an error message pops up. What's wrong?

Answer: Restart the program and go to 'Help--Session Log' file. Error messages in the log may give you more information about the failure.

Question: The Log messages did not help solve the problem. What now?

Answer: eMail an error report to Breakthru Software support. Our Support page lists the information you should include when reporting problems to support. Providing the requested information will help speed the problem determination and in most cases is required to trouble shoot.