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Menu Locator: Media List Editor > Tools .

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Tools toolbar

  • Tools toolbar - Buttons (Figure 1, from left to right): Automator, Display Mirror Tool, Create Report, Options, Save as Favorite Media Item , Find, Find Search String.
Figure 1.  Tools toolbar
Figure 1. Tools toolbar


The Report is useful as a printable guide for the video console operator during a performance. The Details options are useful for problem diagnostics when a design does not work as expected. A report viewer will pop up which allows printing or saving as a text file. A Media List Report includes Name and Description. It also includes a list of the Media Items with whatever level of detail you specify in the Report Options dialog.

Note if you put number prefixes at the beginning of each Description that indicate Act and Scene (example: act 1, scene 2 as 01.02). This will facilitate sorting the list by Description to generate of a Report that sequentially maps to a theatrical script (or some other order you need to achieve).

Repair Moved File Paths

If you move a media file(s) (video, audio, image, etc.) to another folder location, you need to reset the Media Item Media Filename so it points to the new location. This Repair feature can automatically reset multiple Media Items file paths when files get moved. You specify a target folder (where the video files were moved to) and it will reset file paths for any matching filenames in that folder. Weblink files are ignored for this function. This repairs the following Media Item attributes and Favorites:

  • Descriptors > Media file.
  • Screen Layout > Background Video/Image file.
  • Marquee > Box Attributes > Background Image file.
  • Marquee > Text Line > Image file.
  • Marquee Favorites.
  • Load Templates Favorites.
  • Text Screen Favorites.