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Screen shot Description

  • Start and stop/pause clocks
  • Click button to indicate player move is completed (or use keyboard spacebar)
  • Advance period
  • View game log and stats
  • Player controls to:
    • Indicate material captures
    • Correct moves
    • Accept draw or resign
    • Record move notation
    • Adjust clock

Game Display showing all layout features
  • Game Display with all features showing.
  • Show or hide any Game Display features to create a custom look.

Default Game Display
  • Tempo Game Clock marquee image
  • Player names
  • Clock time with progress bars
  • Player avatar image
  • Move, penalty and score panels
  • Displayed without Title bar
  • Border color and width configurable

Customize the Game Display
  • Use your custom marquee image (Club, school, etc)
  • Fonts - Pick any available on your computer
  • Colors - Most game display colors can be configured (foreground, background)
  • Personalization: Easily create Player Personas with name, photo or avatar image. (many image formats: gif, jpg, png, etc.)

Custom Games
  • Create a custom game and pick which features to show on the Game Display.
  • Set number of players and customize time controls.
  • Screen shot shows an actual Custom Game Show example (Word1).

National Language Support
  • Virtually any national language can be used on the Game Display.
  • You set the translation labels in the Options -- Text & Font dialog.
  • Screen shot shows a German translation example.

Minimal Game Displays
  • When minimal displays are desired.
  • Hide any layout feature except the clock time.
  • Reset feature font sizes for very small display.
  • Screen shot shows actual size.
  • Sixteen displays auto-sized and auto-positioned (tiled).