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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Also see the General FAQs that apply to all of our products.

Please always check these FAQs for answers before contacting support.

Question: I installed this program but it will not start and there are no error messages?

Answer: This is most likely a missing or back level software Prerequisites. See Trouble Shooting Common Problems to fix most common post install issues. If you are getting an error message, email it to Support.

Question: Can Tempo Game Clock be used in tournament play?

Answer: Tempo Game Clock is designed primarily for home or club use. Tournament judges generally must pre-approve clock devices. Tempo Game Clock is a relatively new product and thus judges are not likely to have pre-tested and approved it for their tournament. Also, table space is very limited at tournament venues. That said, Tempo Game Clock has all the time control capability and accuracy needed for tournament play.

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