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Note: V.r = Version.release

New Releases

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V.r 1.14

    January 28, 2013
  • Enhancement - Improved management and editing of Personas. You can now reassign the persona avatar to one of the standard avatars. Game Displays and control panel are updated immediately for any Personas changes. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Order Game Displays menu item added to order Game Displays in Player Order (Player 1 on top) or Reverse Order. Ordering is in Z-order, front to back. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Cascade of Game Displays now possible diagonally in four directions. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Added "Set to Value" menu items for Moves and Passed in the Selected Player Menu. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Repair Moved File Paths menu item added If you move a media file (audio or image) to another folder location, any program referenes to the moved files (persona avatar files or game sound files) can be repaired quickly. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Added code to allow Migration of program settings to a new computer. See Migration Cook Book Knowledge Base article for details.
  • Enhancement - Miscellaneous functional improvements.
  • Enhancement - Takes advantage of fixes and improvements to common modules.

V.r 1.13

    December 19, 2012
  • Minor user interface improvements.
  • Fixed issue where occasionally control window would open outside of display boundaries on program startup. This commonly happened when control window was positioned on secondary display device when the secondary display is disconnected.

V.r 1.12

    July 03, 2012
  • Takes advantage of fixes and improvements to common modules.

V.r 1.11

  • Minor user interface improvements.
  • Takes advantage of fixes and improvements to some common modules.

V.r 1.10

  • Two new Prerequisites are added for this release to gain added function. Windows Media Player and .NET Framework 4 Client Profile (or Full .Net Framework 4.0 ).
  • Enhancement - Custom buzzer sounds can now be MP3, WMA or WAV. Really any format that will play with Windows Media Player.
  • Enhancement - Game Display has been rearranged to create a more symetrical look and save screen real estate -- especially when some features are hidden.
  • Enhancement - Improved management for saving customized game types. Import has been replaced by Game Open. Export has been replaced by Game Save.
  • Enhancement - Added Alignment control for Game Display features to center or left-hand alignment. See Options -- Game Display tab.
  • Added toolstrip button to toggle (show or hide) Game Display Title bars.

V.r 1.9

  • Added function to toggle (show or hide) game display Title bar.
  • Added option to create a border and padding around the game display. Allows for setting the border width and color.
  • Can now show/hide every feature on the game display except for the main clock timer.
  • Auto-size function added for Game Display sizing.
  • Allows adding new scores (game pieces) for custom games.
  • Passes and Penalty score panel are now separated.
  • Enhanced function on Text Viewer/Editor. Better Find functions and enhanced copy/paste.

V.r 1.8

  • Options will be reset to factory settings with this install due to a data structure change. See the note on Options Restore before installing this new release.
  • Minor bug fixes to the user interface.
  • Installer bug fix.

V.r 1.7

    This release is a major redesign of the the program. Customers who purchased previous releases should review the new features and removed features before making a decision to upgrade to this release. This is a free upgrade for all customers.
  • Added support for one to sixteen player clocks. (see screenshots)
  • Added ability to save customized games as Favorites.
  • Import and export customized games as files to share with friends.
  • Removed function to save and restore a game that is in progress to resume later.
  • Enhanced time control and game type functionality.
  • Added game display marquee image. Create and apply a custom marquee for your club, school or tournament.
  • Added ability to track passes for custom word games that need it.
  • Enhanced player select panel.
  • Ability to auto size and auto position game displays.
  • Can now designate from 1 to 6 dice for dice roll.
  • New Display toolbar added to quickly show or hide game displays.
  • Can now show or hide any layout feature of the game display .
  • Many more small enhancements.

V.r 1.2 - 1.6

    Note: These releases were used for beta code of the V1.7 redesign and were not made publically available. Our thanks to the participants of the beta program.

V.r 1.1

  • Can now set which color player moves first.
  • Ability to change point value of all scoring.
  • Enhanced Scrabble word entry now has quadruple bonus for Super Scrabble. Fixed issue with applying multiple letter bonuses.
  • Can add custom bonus and penalty score buttons.
  • Ability to customize each Game Type.
  • Score reset menu item added.
  • Exposed more time control attributes for greater customization.

V.r 1.0

  • Version 1 Release 0. First release generally available.

Known bugs

  • No known bugs at this time.