Feature ComparisonFeature Comparison by Edition

Matrix Mic & Player ships in 2 editions: Pro and Power .
This table shows features included with each edition.

Features by edition Pro Pwr
Audio File Player
Playlist Size - Number of audio/video files. [1] [2] 3 3+
Pipe Player audio to multiple speaker systems (via Output Groups). Yes Yes
Play Web-based streaming media. Yes Yes
Set number of times a Playlist will repeat. Yes Yes
Apply a time delay between repeats of a Playlist. Yes Yes
Microphone Broadcast
Broadcast Microphone to multiple speaker systems (via Output Groups). Yes Yes
General Features
Create and save Output Groups. Yes Yes
Set Mic Output Format Quality. Yes Yes
View and Print Configurations. Yes Yes
Yes indicates the feature is included.
  • [1] - The Power edition has no limit on Playlist size (number of audio files it contains). The Pro edition is effectively limited to creating a Playlist containing only 3 files. In all other respects, the Player operation is equivalent to Power edition.
  • [2] - The Player will play the audio portion of most video files.