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Note: V.r = Version.release

New Releases

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V.r 1.8

January 25, 2021
Prerequisite Upgrades
  • Windows Vista/XP support removed - This release does NOT support Windows Vista/XP due to the .Net Framework 4.8 upgrade. Windows 10/8/7 are supported. Matrix Mic V.r 1.7 will remain available for customers on Windows Vista/XP. Contact Support for information.
  • Prerequisite .Net Framework 4.8 Upgrade - This release upgrades to .Net Framework 4.8 which contains some .Net improvements (performance, high DPI display support, more) and bug fixes. This version of .Net should have been installed via Windows Update on most systems. If for some reason it was not installed, see this page for the .Net 4.8 download link (free).
  • NAudio V1.10 Library Upgrade - This Library is the primary code behind the Windows Audio driver. This upgrade includes performance improvements and bug fixes.

Output Groups and Devices Redesign
  • This is a recommended release upgrade for all customers.
  • Bug fixed - Output Groups were sometimes not playing audio to the expected target device(s). The Output Groups feature was redesigned to fix this issue.
  • Enhancement - The redesign now auto-detects when USB soundcards are added or removed (while Matrix Mic is running, no restart required). It also auto-detects when changes are made to the Windows audio subsystem (ex. Windows Default Playback Device changed, etc.)
  • Unfortunately migration of your old Output Groups is not possible due to new design controls. It requires a Reset of all Output Groups and Devices which will be done automatically when you install and run this release.
  • Recommend that users save a listing of their current Output Groups setup as a guide BEFORE installing this release. Click Tools > Outputs/Devices > View Output Groups and Devices.
  • Editing and setup of Output Groups remains basically the same. (Learn more )
  • Removed - Device Volume settings - This setting was redundant with the existing Windows Taskbar Speakers icon that allows you to set the Device Volume for individual devices. Simplifies Matrix Mic volume settings and operation.
  • Note - Importing Output Groups - DO NOT import any old, saved Output Groups. After the redesign, old Output Groups will likely produce errors.

Other Changes
  • New feature - Import Audio Files or Playlists (M3U) - Allows for adding audio files to existing playlist rather than a total replace of playlist items. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Add Weblink Media File (Http) - Allows for adding audio files or playlists (M3U) from a Weblink (http or https). (Learn more )
  • New feature - Options dialog added - Allows changing some user preferences and Player options values. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Player Options toolbar added. Quick access to options and visibility of selected options by highlighting the buttons. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Player controls - Playback progress bar now lists: Audio track name; Track length; Current playback time position; Seek bar position. (Learn more )
  • New feature - Open Most Recent Playlist on Start-Up - New option for the Player.(Learn more )
  • Enhancement - Playlist Size - Pro edition playlists can now contain 3 audio files. Power edition remains unlimited.
  • Enhancement - Volume controls panel now show current selected Output Group.
  • Enhancement - Open a Playlist on Start-Up - Playlist name can now be passed as a parameter by right mouse click on the program icon or from a windows batch file. (Learn more )

V.r 1.7

    March 20, 2013
  • New feature - A full function Audio File Player was added. Power edition allows creation and save of Playlists with unlimited number of audio files. Pro edition is limited to a Playlist of one file at a time (maintains previous Pro edition functionality).
  • New feature - DirectX driver is replaced with a new driver based on Windows Audio Session API(WASAPI) , a core Microsoft technology. DirectX pre-requisite is eliminated.
  • New feature - Audio file support was extended to WAV, MP3, WMA, and AIFF with the new driver when using Output Groups. Previously it was limited to WAV only.
  • Enhancement - Dialog OK/Cancel buttons reordered to comply with standard Windows convention.
  • Change - Open/Save Configurations is replaced with Import/Export Output Groups. Exported Output Groups contain basically the same content as the V1.6 Configuration files. V1.6 Configuration files cannot be opened with this release.
  • Enhancement - More options for setting Output Wave Format.
  • Enhancement - New Latency setting to decrease Mic Latency as low a 50 milliseconds (0.05 second).
  • Enhancement - You can now broadcast the Mic while an audio file is playing.

V.r 1.6

    January 22, 2013
  • New feature - Added code to allow Migration of program settings to a new computer. See Migration Cook Book Knowledge Base article for details.

V.r 1.5

    December 16, 2012
  • New feature - Added toolbar for audio file playback controls.
  • Enhancement - Miscellaneous user interface tweaks.

V.r 1.4

    July 03, 2012
  • Minor user interface enhancements.

V.r 1.3

    May 08, 2012
  • New function - You can now Pause an audio file during the post-delay time (if specified). Useful if you are repeating an announcement and want to use an undetermined delay time between plays.
  • New feature - Added 'Clear Recent Audio Files List' menu item.
  • New function - Selected Play audio settings ( Play Once, Repeat, Loop and Apply Post-Delay ) are restored on next session.
  • New function - Some minor DirectX performance enhancements.

V.r 1.2

    April 27, 2011
  • The .NET Framework Prerequisite is upgraded for this release to gain added function (including multi-core CPU support, enhanced multi-tasking for threads, and more). The new pre-req level is .NET Framework Client Profile 4.0 (or Full .NET Framework4.0 ).
  • Added a Broadcast and Playback Actions menu with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Now supports many new formats for audio playback: WAV, MP3, WMA, MIDI (MID), AU, AIFF (AIF), MPEG (MPG), and WMV. Other extended formats can be supported via free codecs. See restriction footnote at bottom of Overview page.
  • Added Play Modes for audio file playback: Play Once, Loop and Repeat a specified number of times.
  • Added a Delay feature for Repeat and Loop play to play an audio file at desired intervals by delaying a specified amount of time between plays.
  • Can now attach a player device as a source (ex MP3 Player) to the sound card Line-In jack to play to mulitple zones simultaneously.
  • Added Most Recently Used file menu item for 10 most recently played audio files for quick access when you need to play multiple announcements sequentially.
  • Fixed a bug related to using individual device volumes for file playback when Use Volume as Master is unchecked.

V.r 1.1

    December 20, 2010
  • This is a recommended update for all users.
  • Bug fix - Fixed error that can cause program configuration settings to corrupt and prevent the program from starting (without a repair operation).
  • Enhancement - Added a Refresh Devices button to the main toolbar. This allows you to hot swap in/out soundcard devices (ex. USB external soundcards) while the program is running.
  • Graphical user interface (GUI) enhanced with minor features added. (see screen shot)

V.r 1.0

    November 28, 2009
  • Initial release of Matrix Mic . No known problems at release.