Notice: Net Comms was replaced by Remote Media Manager (RMM)

IMPORTANT November 08, 2020 - Net Comms was replaced with Remote Media Manager (RMM). RMM provides a more comprehensive set of features for remote operations and management.

Net Comms will still work with the product releases below if required. However, we recommend upgrading to the latest product release for use with RMM.

Net Comms works with

  • Sound Mill - V.r 3.30 or EARLIER. (Ultimate edition only)
  • Video Mill - V.r 2.37 or EARLIER. (Ultimate edition only)
  • FreeStyler DMX Portal - V.r 1.0 , (Pro edition)

Operating Systems

Windows logo This product runs on:
Windows 11/10/8/7
64bit, 32bit, and "N" editions
(See a few exceptions.)

Step 1. Download and Install

  1. IMPORTANT! Uninstall Previous Release from Windows Settings > Apps and Features (or Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features) BEFORE you install this new release. All of your project work files will remain available.
  2. Prerequisites - Make sure you have the correct software Prerequisites installed.
  3. Release Notes - The Release Notes detail new features, enhancements and fixes for each maintenance release.
  4. Download/Install - Click on the Installer link below, then click Open (or Run) to install the program. Or click Save File to download only.
    This is a standard Microsoft installer (MSI) file. If you need installation Help, see our installation instructions.
  5. Keep the Installer File - Do not delete the Installer File. Windows will look for it in the future for Uninstall or Repair operations.
Program Installer (for all editions)
YesWindows 11/10/8/7
Version.release: 1.2, Size: 3.0 Mb

Download Net Comms Installer

Operates in trial mode until activated.

Attention! MS Edge LogoMicrosoft Edge Users - Microsoft has made it difficult for users to download any software that resides outside of the Microsoft Store (MS Edge has a confusing download process). For one-click download experience we recommend you use any other browser to download (Chrome, Firefox, etc). If want to use Microsoft Edge, see our Help page for step by step instructions.

MD5    3DB7211446C143F6B3AA687AA9476122
SHA1   F2D07EDA86C3ED8B3E9A0812EC848D53EE79C963
SHA256 5F8D561716A896668030C72EA31342D51C7BE275 0C695E38D11423405044B042

Step 2. Activation

Activation You will receive an email which will contain your Activation code immediately after completing your purchase order.

Note that if you are using a firewall, you will likely be prompted to allow the program to access the Internet one time for activation.

How to Activate - Start the program and go to Help -- Activate . Copy and paste the Activation code into the activation dialog, then press OK. Please be patient. Activation can take up to 60 seconds to complete depending on Internet traffic load. When activation succeeds, close and restart the program. If you have problems or quesitons activating, go here for more details on activation.

Step 3. Quick Start

See the Quick Start page for helpful information and links to get you started quickly with the program.